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Doggie Bow Ties offers professional hand crafted DOG BOWS for Shih tzu, Yorkie, and Maltese!

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Welcome Doggie Bow Ties® specializes in  professional show dog bows and dog bows in classic, traditional, creative, and innovative designs for Shih Tzu, Yorkie, and Maltese toy breeds; Accommodating all sizes and themes from classic show dog bows for the professional handler to novelty original design dog bows in single loop and double loop styles. Doggie Bow Ties show dog bows are the highest quality that are available. I strive for quality and unique creative designs, and I am well known for artful, beautiful, one-of-a-kind dog bows for the show ring and "play" since 1999.  

Need dog bow sizing help?
See my dog bow sizing articles #13 & #14 at the bottom of this page to determine the dog bows and sizing that is right for your toy dog or show puppy or dog.

If you are interested in learning to make your own doggy bows, please visit my dog bows instruction page to order my written, easy to follow instructions which will teach you how to make your own dog bows. I share my personal tips and construction techniques in my dog bow instructions so that others may create absolutely perfect dog bows. My "Recipe For Dog Bows"© is based on professional adult learning principles and presentation that make learning and comprehension successful. The techniques that I use and teach in my dog bow construction were hard learned and perfected over many years. I also offer ongoing support, tips, and answers for my customers who email me with questions as they learn to make their own dog bows. Dog bow kits and specialty dog bow instructions for new dog bow designs are also available on the dog bow instruction page. FREE Specialty Dog Bow Instructions included with purchase of Recipe For Dog Bows. Please see my dog bows instruction page for details and choices of FREE specialty dog bow instructions!

I also offer premium quality latex free (ultra) dog bow bands, and sew-on crystal rhinestones for making your own doggy bows. On the dog bows instruction page is a link to my awesome collection of high quality sparkling Austrian crystals and huge selection of
and vintage glass rhinestones all hand set into gold or silver plated sew-on settings for attaching to your own dog bows! These are gorgeous when used to embellish your dog bows and can be used over and over; as your bows wear out, they are saved to embellish your next doggy bow creation. You will find the link to this page at the top and the bottom of the dog bows instructions page and here: Dog Bow Rhinestones.

Looking for beaded dog leads? Please visit my Beaded Dog Leads page for crystal beaded Kindness and slip dog leads for Shih Tzu, Maltese, and Yorkie toy breeds. My beaded dog leads are studded with sparkling crystal beads and eye catching bead clusters in gold and silver. These are light weight beaded show dog leads and they are certain to turn heads they are so pretty. If you are wanting a special color beaded dog lead this can be special ordered for you!

About My Bows

CONSTRUCTION: Doggie Bow Ties® topknot show dog bows are expertly hand crafted with meticulous, artful attention to detail using the finest quality ribbons and Swarovski sew-on rhinestones and embellishments. Many of the ribbons that are used in my bows are imported, or are vintage ribbons in limited supply. All Doggie Bow Ties® hand crafted dog bows are made to last. Dog bow loops are carefully shaped and formed before stiffening, and may feature additional lining to strengthen the bow. All ribbon cuts have been treated to prevent fray. Two small high quality latex free bands are attached to the center backs.  Doggie Bow Ties® "Classic Style" dog show bows feature Swarovski® sew-on rhinestone crystal centers. Vintage one-of-a-kind sew-on rhinestones and ribbons can be found on many of my show dog bows. If you have a dog bow design in mind that is not shown on my pages, please contact me, ( ) and I will gladly accommodate any special sizing requirements or custom design requests for dog bows that you may have. Just let me know.

You will be delighted with the quality workmanship and creativity of my hand crafted dog bows, and the exceptional customer service you will receive when you purchase Doggie Bow Ties® Dog Bow or products. That is my goal and promise to you. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is only one Doggie Bow Ties website which is identified by my registered trademark at the top of my home page. Similar appearing websites or those using part of my trademark name "Bow Ties" are not related to this website or
my work.

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