Image: All about dog bow bands and topknots. Instructional page explaining the proper use of bands in making a topknot and in placing the dog bow into the topknot.

:: All About Dog Bow Bands and Topknots ::
By Lynne  McGuire

All dog bows hand crafted by Doggie Bow Ties have small elastic bands attached so that you will NOT have to double the bow bands over when placing your dog bow into the topknot. I would like to explain what I mean when I say that the smaller bands will not have to be doubled over when placing the bow. The bands on the back of the bow are not meant to hold the topknot . You must fashion your topknot first using separate bands before you place the bow into the topknot. The reason for this is twofold. First, the bands on the back of the bow will not last if they are doubled over again and again. Secondly, your topknot will look better and hold better if you make it first, and then slip the bow onto the finished topknot. It is a matter of personal preference what size bands that you use to make your topknot with. You will have to experiment with different size bands and decide what works best for you and the thickness of your dog's hair. So to place a bow onto the topknot, please follow these steps:

  • Make your topknot using band/s that you have doubled over.

  • Place your dog bow on the topknot. If the dog bow you are using has 1/4" bands they will not need to be doubled over.

  • If your dog's topknot is not very thick and you would like to secure the bow better, follow these steps to make a two section topknot:

  1. Split the topknot in half making a front section that is banded, and a back section that is banded.

  2. On the front half of your topknot, place your bow.

  3. Now take the front section of the topknot, and the back section of the topknot, and band them together just above the bow that you have placed. This locks in the bow.

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