1" x 1 1/2"
Poinsettia Loopy  Dog Bows are the first bows that Doggie Bow Ties® designed and created and I consider it my signature bow. (1993) They are handcrafted from satin gold edged ribbons.  This is a very sturdy little bow; even though it looks open and airy, it is not flimsy at all. I recommend this particular Loopy dog bow to be worn as a topknot dog bow singly as it measure 1 ½” across just as a full size bow does. I make Loopy dog bows as small as ¾” wide and will be adding more of them in the future. The center embellishment on this Loopy  dog bow is a hand crafted silk ribbon poinsettia in red and white.

Poinsettia Loopy  Dog Bows

Red Poinsettia Loopy
Dog Bows (Order 2 for pairs)
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