Fabulous Fakes 5/8" x 1 1/4"
Petline Fabulous Fakes Lime Peridot Dog Bows
are all hand crafted from satin and layered with brocade ribbons. There is one dog bow in the Fabulous Fakes Lime Peridot dog bow collection, you must order two dog bows to use them as pairs. Fabulous Fakes do not have flag backings. Center embellishments include a faux semi-precious lime peridot crystal in silver plated sew on settings. These are puppy size dog bows suitable for all breeds of adult dogs when worn in pairs, or suitable for puppies 6-12 months as a single dog bow, or suitable for adult dogs 8 lbs and under as a single dog bow.

Fabulous Fakes Lime Peridot Dog Bows

PL54~#1Fabulous Fakes
Lime Peridot


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