Rhinestone Buckle Bows on  1"French Style Barrette
 Rhinestone Buckle Bows attached to a 1" French style barrette to be used in place of a dog bow on the topknot. Cute saddle stitched grosgrain ribbons : Barrettes measure 1 inch and Rhinestone Buckle Bows are 1 1/4" puppy size bows . These adorable little barrettes may be clipped singly on the topknot, or they may be worn as pairs on pigtails or double topknots. You must order two to use them as pairs. (Barrette dog bows are not meant for chewing puppies or dogs that will chew their bows as the barrette may pose a health hazard if swallowed.)

Rhinestone Buckle Dog Bow

PL 172-#1
Rhinestone Buckle Bow Barrette
PURPLE "Stitches"



PL 172-#2
Rhinestone Buckle Bow Barrette



PL 172-#3
Rhinestone Buckle Bow Barrette
PINK "Stitches"




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