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Doggie Bow Ties: Offers professional quality dog bows and
dog show bows for Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Maltese breeds.
Offers written dog bow instruction: How to make dog bows.



SewDog Studio has Ready-To-Mail, Custom & All-In-One (Waterproof & Absorbent) Belly Bands.


SewDogStudio Belly Bands for Male Dogs  (website)  (Etsy site)
Hand Made by Jani


A SewDog band is Unique and One of a Kind; not like any other belly band.... the taper style is elongated to fit the anatomy of a dog. There is a pocket/indention behind your dog's ribs and in front of his hips that this style of band fits into.... holding it in place and making it so comfortable too.
Find goodies for your dog here*


Custom Dog Christmas Cards
Custom Dog Christmas Cards and
Cute Dog Greeting Cards by
Margaret Sweeney

Mr Foos Shih Tzu Water Bottle Holders

Water Bottle Stands now available from Ryans Shih Tzu.
Fantastic, heavy duty, no tip, water bottle stands like no others!!!
Teach your shih tzu puppy to drink from a water bottle stand, and eliminate stained doggy face from wetness! Click the picture above to go to the source for the best water bottle stands available. Water bottle stands are made from the highest quality professional grade PVC. Highest recommendations from Doggie Bow Ties.





Tammy Bears


Puppy dog


Puppy dog

Maltese puppy breeder in PA specializing in AKC Maltese champions, registered Maltese puppies. With  Maltese puppies for sale

Puppy dog

Puppy Sites*
A fabulous resource to find dog breeders, dog information and shopping for your pampered pooch!


Soft Sculpture Shih Tzu

Fabulous dog art stuffed dolls by a talented artist!!!*

Puppy Baby Book
The Puppy Baby Book
This unique fill-in-the-blanks book gives dog lovers the same opportunity to chart their puppies' growth and progress as parents of infants do with their baby books. A must-have for every puppy owner! *

Puppy dog

small dog clothing
Small Dog Clothing - Small clothes
 and accessories for little dogs, handmade in the USA *

puppy dog







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